Andy Kirk sings Peter Gabriel


« Andy Kirk sings Peter Gabriel »

Andy Kirk has been singing Peter Gabriel’s songs for a number of years now. Alongside his own music, they’ve always made up part of the repertoire performed by his band Khazma. Andy has a strong voice filled with emotion that sounds in many ways similar to Peter Gabriel’s. This allows him to deliver the original mood of the songs while adding his own personal touch.

From Mexico to the Czech Republic, and from Scandinavia to Italy, Andy has performed for many a crowd, earning him a wealth of experience and a gift of captivating stage presence.

Andy has now created a unique tribute to the fascinating musical world of Peter Gabriel. By uniting the finest and most gifted musicians and staff Andy has ever played with, Andy Kirk sings Peter Gabriel took centre stage at the Huy Summer Festival 2009. The crowd and the organisers simply loved it, crowning the band as the Festival’s revelation !

Line-up :